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Welcome To El Teide Guesthouse!Did you know that there are not professionals of the tourist service in most of the private guesthouses? As much the management as the service are carried out by their own owners who hardly ever have the appropriate preparation. It's pure empiricism and maybe common sense. The guests notice that it isn't the same attention that they are accustomed to receive in the hotels. They sometimes perceive a little late the professionalism lack, when they are already housed.

Mr. Carlos Durán EstévezHowever, in El Teide Guesthouse the attention is totally different. The service is runned by Mr. Carlos Durán Estévez who is Maitre d'Hotel, Manager of Foods and Beberages, Somelier, Specialist in Bars and Living room, and he is graduated in numerous courses of International Cuisine. In fact, he is Maitre d'Hotel at the Iberostar Trinidad. Of course, he speaks English fluently.

But there is a story that you don't know. The tradition of the service in the family Estévez began in last century. Mr. Carlos' great-great-grandfather opened one of the first restaurant of Trinidad, and it was in fact called El Teide. That name and the vocation of the service stay alive in the guesthouse. It's the perpetuation of the family tradition. El Teide, more than a commercial name, is a commitment with the memory of the family that is materialized in the quality and profesionalidad of the service. To take that name means a constant challenge for Mr. Carlos and their family.

But certainly, what do we offer? We invite you to thumb through the pages of our website, where you will find detailed information about the rooms, the prices and other particularities of the service.

When you visit us, we will also offer you information on the rent of cars, dance lessons, horseback riding, as well as different tours that you can enjoy during your stay in El Teide Guesthouse.

We'll be in charge of of your rest, your comfort and in definitive, of your vacations. At the end you'll feel that to stay in El Teide Guesthouse was a correct decision.